Personal Protective Grounding-"Think Electrically, not Mechanically"

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Master the requirements and methods for placement of protective grounds that will prevent employees from being exposed to hazardous differences in electric potential.

The dangers of induction are often underestimated, induction can kill. With more lines being forced into corridors and operated at higher currents we continue to see fatal accidents and injury involving line workers exposed to induced voltages on deenergized lines and equipment. Induction sources must be considered and respected.

Mike Bahr brings over four decades of experience in the electrical field to his presentations and programs to help people avoid the pain and suffering of workplace injury to electrical workers.

Mike has dedicated his career to the safety profession and has developed and presented training worldwide.

Mike has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainer/speaker in the electric power industry.

The 1 day class is $595 per person, with lunch included.

If you have employees working on or near deenergized lines and equipment this class is a must!

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“I just want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU. You have a way of presenting the Grounding information in a Working man’s language. The feedback that we have been getting from the Troops are all positive. Thank you Brother and it was a pleasure meeting you. The Training Team is very much grateful” R Silha, Excel Energy

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